Theory Test Training

We recommend Theory Test Pro for your theory training

Do you have your driving theory test coming up?
Are you struggling with learning for the driving theory test?

Well don’t worry no more, Upshift Driving School can put an end to all the stress.  We have teamed up with Theory Test Pro, a fantastic company that have built the best theory test app to help students of all types of learning to pass their theory test.

The pass mark for the driving theory test is a minimum score of 43 out of 50 and for the hazard perception 44 out of a possible 75.

Our Theory Test Training App gives you access to over 1000 possible questions that you may be asked on the day of your driving theory test. The beauty with our theory test training is that any questions you get wrong will be recorded, so you can go over those questions over and over again. Want to understand the question better? There is also analysis available for each question that you get wrong to help you understand the question better.

Ask your Upshift driving instructor for more info.

Advice For Booking Your Theory Test

Most of you will no doubt type into google ‘Book my theory test’ to then shown a choice of many websites all offering the same service and more. The website is the only proper way to book your theory test.  It charges £25 for a driving theory test, however, there are many copycat sites charging in the region of £62 for exactly the same service. Do Not Use These Sites.

These copycat sites are using official logo’s to create a sense of trust to users that don’t know any different and some websites are offering free re-tests if the pupil fails their first attempt. That sounds great, until you read the small print within the terms and conditions. Within the terms and conditions it explains the pupil must fail by just 1 mark to qualify for a free re-test. With the pass mark being a minimum of 43 anything less than 42 means that you the pupil wouldn’t be entitled to a free re-test.

If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us for advice: 07729 230 096 or fill in our contact form.